• Are your sterilization procedures LEGITIMATE?

Our shop procedures and guidelines are approved and administered by the Vancouver Coastal Health authorities.

Needles, ink, ointments, gloves and surface coverings are all one-time use disposable products.

We have a sterilization room which contains our high performance Ritter M9 Autoclave. This is one of the industry’s best autoclaves used for sterilizing equipment and is currently used in hospitals. Each month we are also responsible for submitting spore tests to maintain quality standards.

Tattoo tubes are placed in an ultrasonic cleaner, scrubbed, then run through the autoclave to ensure they are clean and sterile for use.

Each station is fully sanitized after every appointment.

When you come by our shop feel free to ask for a tour and we can go over our procedures with you!

You can email info@gastowntattoo.com or call the front desk at 604-642-6556 / 604-915-3059